Custodian & Management

Pamria, LLC client assets reside at C/S Institutional (Charles Schwab) which ranks as the 2nd largest custodian of client assets in America, second only to Fidelity Investments.

Schwab Institutional’s custodial assets exceeded $2.7 Trillion USD as of Fall 2017.  Clients take exceptional comfort in knowing that their assets are safeguarded by America’s leading custody bank.  We take great pride in our custodial relationship with Schwab.

Mr. Mesaros as primary portfolio manager and client facing advisor has over 20 years experience in advising PWM clients and private businesses.  As founder and owner of Pamria, LLC he takes special interest in safeguarding client assets.

Mr. Mesaros maintains a solicitor agreement with SmartPortfolios, LLC which manages ETF portfolios on behalf of leading institutions and other RIA’s.  These relationships allow Pamria, LLC clients access to competing, risk-adjusted return portfolio management options in addition to Pamria, LLC’s customized portfolio solutions.

SmartPortfolioLLC has in the past conducted subadvisory asset management for the likes of TIAA CREF – one of America’s largest public endowments, utilizing the same portfolio technology available to Pamria, LLC clients today.

Due to the strength and size of our Schwab platform, Pamria, LLC clients are enabled to conduct global securities transactions and enjoy our world class operational support.